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Fall Protection System

Our fall arrest systems serve as a safety net, preventing falls while working at heights.

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A safety armor for all jobs

Our wide range of personal protection products includes protective gear and high-quality safety equipment to minimize the risk of injury or harm. Our personal protection products ensure that you are prepared and protected in case of any unexpected danger.

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protective clothing

First aid to the rescue

We offer a range of first aid and emergency products that allow you to offer the first response to any safety or health situation at the workplace.

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first aid products

Lockout & Tagout

Lockout and tagout is a safety procedure that makes sure that machines or equipment are not accidentally turned on while someone is working on them. This means that the machine is locked and a tag is placed on it to show that it is not safe to use.

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Testing & Lab Services

For any test result to be valid and reliable, careful monitoring and the implementation of quality procedures are required. One key element of successful quality assurance is the regular participation of a laboratory, along with a focus on wider aspects of quality.

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testing & lab services

Safety projects for greater HSE

Safety Plus World has undertaken numerous projects related to health, safety and environment. We also conduct workshops and product trainings on a regular basis.

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International brands, top quality

We are associated with some of the top names in the field of health and safety. Be assured to expect top-quality products to meet your safety needs!

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We at Raja Group, take the accessibility and affordability of safety to oil & gas, and construction industry professionals very seriously. This responsibility has inspired the creation of

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We provide a complete range of top-quality safety products UAE.

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