About Lonestar

Lonestar came into existence as a result of the demand that existed locally from various industries for a high-tech, multi-disciplinary testing and investigation facility that delivers on-time testing services and meet international standards.

In 1992, Mr. E. Keith Grigg and Mr. Syed S. Hussaini met the industry requirement by establishing Lonestar Technical Services in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In the following years, the need to extend the testing and laboratory services to the emirate of Abu Dhabi – UAE, resulted in the establishment of our laboratories in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Oman, Iraq and Kuwait.

Lonestar is registered and licensed as a laboratory with Dubai Municipality, the regulatory authority of the Emirate.

Quality Training

Lonestar has strong in-house quality training program. Continuous training is imparted to all the staff in their respective fields to meet the growing need of customers and international standards. Our quality training program is based on the principle of continuous improvement.

Our staffs are trained in various disciplines and special training is provided for specific projects, when required.

QA / QC Areas

For any test result to be valid and reliable, careful monitoring and implementation of QA/ QC procedures are required. One key element of successful quality assurance is regular participation of a laboratory in a national and/ or international Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) program. Lonestar Dubai and Lonestar Abu Dhabi participates regularly in national and international PTP with most results exceeding the minimum requirements of acceptance.

The strength of our QA/QC program encompass the following areas:

• Sampling Procedures • Analytical Procedures, Revisions and Validations

• Internal Quality Control Checks • Internal Training Programs

• Corrective Action Reports (CARs) • Management Review Meeting (MRM)

• Calibration Checks and Frequencies • Reporting

• Internal Performance and System Audits • Assessment of Precision and Accuracy

• Non Conformance Reports (NCRs) • Internal Quality Audit (IQA)